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The Healthy Back Bag


Project requirements:

The Healthy Back Back Company produce high quality, ergonomic bags that are versatile, look great when worn and are kind to one's back.

The patented teardrop style designs distribute weight evenly along the entire length of the back so that it feels lighter, is more comfortable and doesn't stress the spine.

The Healthy Back Bag Company wanted to update their trade workbook and have additional illustrations to highlight the interior and exterior features of their excellent products.

The solution:

Brandify created a new 64 page A4 trade workbook that was reflective of the company's image and product style. The new catalogue focuses on promoting a lifestyle choice as well as providing information on the products.

A series of illustrations were generated for the full range of products, which were then bound in a D-Ring A4 folder. A series of cardboard tabs were used to separate the sections, with each tab using the logo's curve for the cutting line.

The Healthy Back Bag Company Logo Bag IllustrationsTab dividers were cut following the curve of the spine in the Healthy Back Bag logoIllustrations of the bags.